Singing for Wellbeing Sociable singing sessions for older people
Reminiscence sessions
Reminiscence sessions
Music, dancing, singing and reminiscence



Singing for Wellbeing specialises in music and song- based reminiscence sessions which aim to reconnect with memories to rekindle a stronger sense of self that is oriented in the present.

We interweave songs, music and movement with participants’ responses to photos, era-related memorabilia and different sensory props. By allowing time to acknowledge and share feelings, stories and songs, each participant’s experience is valued and appreciated by the whole group.

Songs and singing provide an immediate and direct link between the here and now with what has been, and because songs are inherently emotional they evoke diverse feelings and memories. Music helps us to move on through different feelings, and we use our therapeutic skills to support emotional expression in a safe way.

When someone is isolated by memory loss, reminiscence offers a bridge into their world where the past can be so much more vivid than the present. We all have our personal memories but memory also lives as a collective experience which shapes us. Talking about shared experience supports wellbeing and creates a sense of belonging and connection in the present.

We witness the positive effect of these sessions in the smiles, brighter eyes, perhaps the lifting of a nodding head and the readiness with which the groups share their stories and burst into song.

“When the group sing there is a lifetime of emotion in
their voices”

Roshi NasehiĀ  ‘Voices of the East End’ Sounding BoardĀ  2008 issue 3.

“(Participants)... agreed that the shared reminiscence
and discussion increased their memory and socialization skills.”

C Tabourne and Y Lee, “Study of Kairos Dance Theatre’s Dancing Heart Program,” University of Minnesota, D 2005-2006.

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